Fees for New Pakistani Passport & Renewal


Pakistan Embassy in Saudi Arabia has come up with a new plan with reduced fees of Pakistani passport for New or Renewal of passport in Saudi Arabia. Now, Pakistani expats living in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam and other cities of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia can get their new or renew their Pakistan passports as per below fees table.

Fees for New Pakistani Passport & Renewal-SaudiArabianLife.com

Fees for New Pakistani Passport & Renewal
Description Normal (5 Years) Urgent (5 Years) Normal (10 Years) Urgent (10 Years)
36 Pages Passport SR.98 SR.162 SR.175 SR.292
72 Pages Passport SR.179 SR.292 SR.321 SR.525
100 Pages Passport SR.195 SR.389 SR.350 SR.700
36 Pages Passport (1st Lost) SR.195 SR.324 SR.350 SR.583
36 Pages Passport (2nd Lost) SR.389 SR.648 SR.700 SR.1,166
72 Pages Passport (1st Lost) SR.357 SR.583 SR.641 SR.1,049
72 Pages Passport (2nd Lost) SR.713 SR.1,166 SR.1,282 SR.2,098
100 Pages Passport (1st Lost) SR.389 SR.777 SR.700 SR.1,399
100 Pages Passport (2nd Lost) SR.777 SR.1,554 SR.1,399 SR.2,797


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