Saudi Ministry of Justice Encourages the Use of e-services


The Saudi Ministry of Justice is encouraging its residents to avail the online facilities during this pandemic to contain the virus. The Ministry has issued strict guidelines on visiting its offices.

The Ministry said the health authorities have set certain precautions and preventive protocols and the Ministry’s rules are totally in line with it. The main purpose of these guidelines is to encourage the people to avail the online facilities and to discourage the visits to the offices.

Ministry has launched many electronic services and these services are available through an electronic portal called najiz, and also through a unified communication center 1950.

The Ministry said people must book appointments through Najiz and should be present on the venue five minutes before their scheduled appointment. No person will be allowed unless they present the digital copy of an appointment that too only on their allotted time. With these guidelines the Ministry is hopeful that it will minimize the people visiting their judicial offices.


Saudi Ministry of Justice Encourages the Use of e-services

The Ministry added that all the precautionary measures such as wearing face mask, maintaining physical distance, temperature checks should be followed all the time.

The Ministry also said certain categories of people will not be allowed for public safety. People who fall under high risk like people over the age of 65, children under the age of 15 years, pregnant women, people with chronic diseases and people with covid19 symptoms.

The Ministry added the above mentioned categories of people should communicate with unified communication center 1950 so that an appropriate solution can be provided.

The Ministry said their offices will work from 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM and their employees will be working in two shifts.


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